Frequently Asked Questions

1. Unique features of Cosbike?
A:- Own manufacturing battery and others part.

2. Is the company providing any warranty of fiber, wheel and other parts?
A: – Company provide warranty in battery and motor parts

3. Weight of Cosbike?
A:- 80-85kg

4. Any registration is required after buying?
A:- Registration is not required

5. How much time the battery will take to charge?
A:- 6 to 8 Hrs

6. Weight of the battery?
A:-27-29 KG of 1 set battery. (1 set=4 batteries)

7. Is it mandatory to use helmet at the running time?
A:- Helmet is not required. But for the safety purpose you can use.

8. Is the battery authorized by ISI mark?
A: – It’s authorized by ISO, because the battery manufactured from china

9. Any document is required to purchase Cosbike?
A: – DL, ration card and voter ID, passport.

10. Does the company provide any discount if, the customer purchase from manufacturer?
A:- Company does not provide any direct sales to customer. Customer can purchase bike from dealers

11. Any steps are required to safe the battery?
A:- 1.Do not charge immediately after run.

2.Take a rest for at least 30 min.

3. Remove battery if not in use for long time

4. Regular service of battery at authorised service centre.

12. Any service centres are available except dealer?
A:- No

13. What is the maximum speed of Cosbike?
A:- 25k.m/hr

14. Company provide any insurance at the time of purchase?
A: – Company grant 1 year free insurance. T&C applicable


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