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Cosbike do not have any complex design like any other petrol bike. It basically involves four parts which are reasonable for it working i.e. motor, battery, charger & convertor which results in clean easy and comfortable ride. We as an organization has only one moto which is customer satisfaction through our sales and service through our growing network.

Charging of battery
Battery is main source of supplying power n energy to the bike so it must to charge your Cosbike for 10-12 hours for the first time and later for 6-8 hours using your Cosbike charger. Just plug in charger at the given socket, by doing that charger indicator glows up as red which means charging has been started and indicator turns green when battery is fully charged. The charger is provided with automatic cutoff feature if by mistake you do not switch off power, the supply will automatically be stopped to prevent battery from overcharging and further heating up. The battery installed in Cosbike is 48V, 20Ah or 48V, 12Ah.

Basic things which can improve battery life

  • Only use Cosbike battery charger.
  • Its better to charge Cosbike daily instead to wait for full discharge.
  • Charge your Cosbike if it has not been used for 3-4 weeks or more.
  • Ensure battery is kept in dry and open ventalised space so that gases emitted during charging do not cause any harm.
  • Complete discharge and charge complete of Cosbike battery also improves battery efficiency and life.


  • Do not use any other charger as it may be of different power.
  • Do not expose your battery to heat, fire and water as it is not safe.
  • Make sure ignition is switched off battery is being charged.
  • Do not keep battery in discharged condition as it may harm battery.
  • Do not expose Cosbike Battery to extremely high or low temperatures.
  • Keep battery set out of the reach of children.
  • Switch on power supply after connecting charger only.
  • Immediately stop charging if any burning or sparking is observed.

Tips to improve Cosbikeā€™s efficiency

  • Avoid overloading and over speeding as it puts pressure on battery and results in extra battery consumption.
  • Avoid immediate acceleration asit also puts extra pressure on battery.
  • Make sure tyre pressure is correct to maintain good balance and comfortable ride.
  • Turn off the ignition when not in use or at signals.
  • Avoid unnecessary braking for better battery efficiency.
  • Keep lights when driving in daylight as it also consumes some part of battery.

Service and maintenance
Proper cleaning and lubricating of parts like chain, brakes, axels is recommended to keep your Cosbike in good condition. If your Cosbike is exposed to dust and water regularly frequent servicing and lubrication is required.

  • Grease or lubricants can be used to oil Cosbike.
  • Greasing and lubricating of all bearings is recommended for free movement of parts like brakes, axle, joints etc.
  • Wipe of excess lubricants to avoid any other internal harmness.


  • Cleaning of vehicle is recommended at regular intervals by damp cloth.
  • Detergents should be avoided. Diluted soap or shampoo can be used.
  • Do not use water on inner parts as it may harm electrical components and devices.


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