Warranty Policy

COSBIKE warrants that each new “Electric Vehicle” distributed by the company in India and sold through its authorized dealers will be free from any defect in material and workmanship, under normal condition of usage, subject to the following “Terms and Conditions”.

Warranty period

360 days from the date of COSBIKE electric vehicle sale on all parts accept fragile items like Plastic parts / Rubber parts / Bulbs / Reflectors. 180 Days – For Batteries only: from the date of sale of COSBIKE Electric vehicle SIX MONTHS replacement warranty & next six months 40% of the cost of battery set will bear by company & 60% cost of battery set will be bear by customer.

NOTE: For 40:60 ratio defective batteries should be submitted to company along with battery warranty card & photo copy of invoice of vehicle.

Warranty is valid only if
a) Vehicle is delivered and subsequently serviced by an authorized COSBIKE dealer or Authorized Service Center.
b) All the free services offered by the company are availed.

Warranty obligations
If any manufacturing defect(s) is(are) observed in any “COSBIKE Electric Vehicle” within the warranty period as mentioned, COSBIKES only obligation is to repair or replace defective parts with new parts or equivalent at no cost to the customer for part or labor when COSBIKE acknowledges that such malfunction is caused due to faulty material or workman ship during manufacturing.

The Warranty shall not apply:
1. If any of the services has not been availed as per the specified periods.
2. If Any vehicle that has not been used in accordance with the operating instructions mentioned in the owner’s manual of the product
3.If Normal maintenance service (required other than free service) including fasteners re-tightening, wheel alignment, wheel balancing, brake adjustments, brake lever’s play adjustments and regular battery charging has not been carried out.
4. If COSBIKE Electric vehicle used for commercial purposes.
5. If COSBIKE Electric vehicle has been used in rallies/ races, stunt riding, acrobatics, ramp jumping, moto-cross, dirt biking or similar activities as “COSBIKE Electric Vehicle” is not designed or intended for such purpose or usage
6. If Any vehicle fitted with accessories other than approved by COSBIKE
7.If Any vehicle which has been modified /Altered for any specific purpose or use.
8.If the defect occurring as consequence of Misuse or negligence during its normal use
9. If Any vehicle tempered / repaired/ adjusted by an unauthorized person.
10. If Any damage caused due to industrial pollution or bird’s dropping.
11. If Any defect that does not affect the normal function of the vehicle like sound, vibration & fluid/ oil leakage.
12. If the vehicle has been sold to any other person or company.
13. The warranty does not cover any personal injuries or damages of any type to the rider or any other person due to failure of any part of the vehicle.
14. The warranty does not cover any accidental damage / impact or crash against the vehicle

Warranty Service
To avail warranty services, the vehicle must be brought to the nearest authorized dealer at the owner’s expenses immediately after the defect has been noticed. The customer must produce the owner’s manual, in original, to enable that dealer to verify the details. Owner’s responsibility
The owner SHALL ensure that :
a) The COSBIKE Electric Vehicle is serviced at prescribed intervals at COSBIKE authorized dealer.
b) He shall hand over this booklet to the authorized dealer while availing the services, inspection and warranty services.
c) The authorized dealer always enters the complete information in service record sheet attached in the booklet.



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